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Project Description
The myspace toolkit provides an interface into the newly release developer platform from Myspace. It interacts specifically with the REST API's to retrieve data from an account. The developer platform is not go live yet. Additionally there are no post/modify/create methods, only retrieve and get methods.

As time goes on there will be more information available and documentation on how to use this toolkit. Currently there is no way to make calls to user accounts, only developer accounts work. However, this will provide the ability to test out and develop applications against the REST APIs.

In the future myspace has indicated that there will be a way to cause a user to log into a page which will then do a redirect (callback url) to a page you have hosted and that there will be a request token. It sounds simliar to the facebook authentication approach.

Getting Started
To get started you will need to have the following things:
  1. Download the latest release of the MyspaceToolkit. Download Here
  2. Create a developer account at Create Account Here.
All that is required to access the developer site is a myspace account.
  1. Create an application and get it approved. Underneath the "My Apps" section on you can click on "Get Started" and create an application.
  2. Make sure that the test application you have is installed on you myspace page. (You don't have to make the application really do anything, it's just necessary to make API calls)

Below is a very rough example of how the initial request would be implemented to make calls to the myspace REST API.

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